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Just Ene Shoes

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Just Ene Shoes

Remember the name of the fairy tale, where in order to turn from a nobody into a princess, all that was needed was to put on a crystal shoe?
Yes, Cinderella!

Just Ene Shoes, this is more tan a fairy tale story. These are incredibly beautiful shoes made according to your personal design.

This is modern and realistic version of turning into the queen of the party, bypassing the tedious phase of cleaning, caring for the household, which poor Cinderella had to go through.

There is only a small problem! : Create your dream shoes from thousands of color options, textures, décor and heel shapes. But Irene Gil, the designer and owner of the brand, has taken care of us all and her specially trained assistants will help you choose the shoes which perfectly match with your evening dress. Two weeks after placing the order, you pick up the newborn shoes in the treasured box with crispy thin paper. Mmmmm … a tactile and aesthetic orgasm. Exclusively, only in Madrid …