How many times have you opened your wardrobe and didn’t know what to wear? How many times have you thought you don’t have enough clothes, although, in truth, the wardrobe is full of clothes?

Relax, that happens to all of us! We get ready for a business meeting, dinner or party, look in the wardrobe and begin to combine thousands of possibilities in our mind, but we don’t like anything. We can not find the most suitable clothes for this occasion, we are not comfortable with anything and do not even remember why we bought some things that we still haven’t used.
Before abandoning the idea of looking good and before going shopping again, contact me and I will help you organize your wardrobe. I will teach how to choose clothes according to your lifestyle, figure and harmony of colors and I will advise you how to do it without new purchases.

You will learn to make the most of each garment in your wardrobe, using its multiple combination possibilities, and get rid of your doubts when choosing clothes.

3 hours

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