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Shopping in Serrano for him

Atelier YUSTY

A symbol of Madrid chic in the world of men’s fashion. Since 1914, aristocrats, successful entrepreneurs and politicians have chosen their suits and hand-made shirts from craftsmen trained in England and Italy. In addition to this, it is also a multi-brand men’s clothing store.

To create the image of a true gentleman, you will also need handmade shoes, which are offered in the GLENT SHOES STORE. If you are vey lucky, you can meet here the Senior King of Spain Juan Carlos, a fan of this brand.

If you prefer a smart casual style, then pay attention to these two brands: El Ganso and Scalpers.


In Spain, being “Ganso” means being cheerful, unsophisticated, funny, the soul of a party. Therefore, the brand´s philosophy is based on optimism and a good sense of humor. Brand style – modern dandy, classic, full of bright colors and attention to detail.

The brand’s potential can be confirmed by the fact that in 2015, 49% of El Ganso was acquired by an investment company owned by the LVMH group.


One of the most impressive Spanish brands, essentially the Spanish Polo Ralph Lauren, but with much lower prices. You will find a lot of classics, a bit of sports inspiration, bold color combinations, exquisite details and solutions.

Recommended by Elena Esteban, your personal shopper in Madrid