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Brown is the new black

Brown is the new BLACK.

The idea is not new, but this fall the color entered the palette of many dressing rooms for the first time.

100% Brown will stay for a long time!

Why fall in love with brown?

Cozy, respectable and a purchase that does not hit your eyes after a month. Shades from pastel beige to deep autumn-red are an INVESTMENT in your wardrobe, something that you can always wear everywhere.

By the way, the aristocrats of Salamanca (the district of Madrid with the fabulous cost of housing) also abandoned their favorite black, even if they were unusually good in it.

A morning cup in a street restaurant with three barking pocket dogs and two equally loud girlfriends without beige this season is bad manners, the bad taste is complete. However, a pound of gold in the ears, on the hands and on the neck does not fall into this category.

And we also need it. Beige of course. Not that we want to be the aristocrats, just because the sales start soon and we can buy it cheap. Style for ever!

Have you already got a cozy beige in your wardrobe?