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Why shopping with a personal shopper in Madrid is not the same as buying with a friend? Even if the friend understands style!

The fundamental difference is: professionalism plus talent. Minutes, hours, years in the style and beauty industry, a tremendous experience.

I have worked for more than 1800 clients, and for 8 years as a stylist in television programs “Cinderella to Princess” type, a real daily practice to transform different girls with different levels of glamor, charisma and character. Can your friend boast such achievements? Sure not.

What is the task of a personal shopper? She unlocks the potential of your personality and makes your appearance expressive, memorable. Together we will look for those garments that you will wear with pleasure so that every day you will smile at an elegant and attractive girl in the mirror, and you will love yourself more.

As a personal shopper in Madrid, I know in depth the variety of stores, shops and fashion trends.

I will save you many hours of your time and 20 to 60% of your purchase budget! In 3 hours you can buy what you could not buy yourself in several senseless purchases. You can determine the budget for shopping in advance, and your personal shopper will definitely help you adjust to plan.