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Andrés Gallardo

Your personal shopper in Madrid recommends… the incredible bags of the Andrés Gallardo brand, made of genuine leather and with porcelain applications, which awaken our imagination and our desire to own them!

These surrealist compositions of ancient porcelain fragments were first made individually, only for friends and clients exclusive to their circle of artists. And then it turned out that everyone needed the bags with panthers, rabbits and roses, from Vogue stylists to Lana Del Rey.

Behind the irresistible bags and jewels of Andrés Gallardo is a young duo of Madrid designers: Andrés Gallardo and the artist Maria Casal, fanatical collectors of porcelain figures.

And we need them too, because such an individual style in the world of accessory design is rare.

It remains to choose a totem animal by Andrés Gallardo that personifies your lifestyle.

Lion, panther, rabbit?